Product review


Onyx A/M-24 Automatic/manual Inflatable Life Jacket

S. Mcgirt writes: I bought this for my girlfriend to use on my boat and when she kayaks. After a day of wearing this vest, she had nothing but good things to say about its comfort, especially compared to a standard vest. She said it will be especially beneficial while kayaking, since her former vest restricted her movement while paddling. I opted for the automatic type since my boat runs up to 60 mph, and its very possible to be knocked out after hitting the water at that speed. I’m ordering another for my brother today. Buy it now

P. Snyder also writes: This is great for fishing! I am not restricted or even feel it for that matter, but I know that it will protect me should I fall in. I also wear it out on the boat and feel very comfortable. I purchased a second C02 cartridge so I would be able to replace should the need require. I feel that you should replace them once a year anyway just to stay safe. Buy it now

boatfirstaidkit-boats-boatessentialsUS Coast Guard Life Boat First Aid Kit

the first aid kit for your boat comes in very handy when needed and the good thing about this particular one is it has individually packaged bag for first aid. thats why Ray W. calls it  Excellent kit. Buy it now

Sally k. writes: this kit was recommended by a friend to have on our yacht, and it came very handy when there was a little incident recently. very good product. Buy it now

                                          CRC Salt and Corrosion Terminator                                                               saltterminator-boatneeds-boats-boatsessentialsDouglas J writes: So far this stuff rocks. I sprayed down my boat after a very wet day on the water using this product. Without scrubbing or using my boat soap it was salt free to the touch. I also flushed my motor too. Good to wash your trailer down with could actually tell the difference. Good product just like salt away but much cheaper. Made by CRC which I use their spray products for automotive purposes all the time. Highly recommended. Buy it now

Don also writes:                                                                                                                                             This is an excellent product that removes all residual salt with ease; simply spray on, let it soak, then rinse off. If you keep your boat rinsed while fishing, not letting blood or scales dry on surfaces, you will not need to do any scrubbing when you use Salt Terminator at the end of the day. Buy it now

Garmin Striker 4 Built in Fish Finder GPS

boatgps-boatneeds-boat-boaessentialsSpencer S. writes: Hands down best budget fish finder I have ever used. I use it on a job boat and have no complaints. Very accurate in deep/shallow waters as far as I can tell. The amount of detail you can see on color fish finder vs black and white is AMAZING! GPS comes in handy for marking hot spots and marking the dock you used to get in the water so you don’t get lost trying to get back. CHIRP is also a game changer. The two things I’ll never go without again is CHIRP and color! This is a great budget unit. Buy it now.

Mike K. also write: Installed on our boat, and very happy with the design and function of this unit. I was just looking for a depth finder…but this is packed with many useful features, speed, tracking, time…now I don’t have to worry about a few inoperable gauges 😉 East to use / Recommended! (Shown here, I mounted it into a cup-holder, not much room on my Bayliner 175…looks great ‘eh?. Buy it now

Sak Gear Premium Waterproof Dry Bag

boatcovers-boatdrybag-boatessentials-boatneeds-boat-Lesley P. Writes: Purchased this bag for kayak trips, and it has worked great! It is large enough to hold a beach towel, our cell phones, and car keys, with room to spare. I tested the bag at home with random objects inside, and it remained water-tight. On the river, I feel confident that my cell phone is safe from water damage, and will definitely pack this bag for any water-centered activities! Buy it now

Calvin K also write: This product is good quality for the price. I purchased an expensive 30L bag previously for the size and quality, was skeptical of the potential quality of these based on the price, but was very pleased with the quality compared to similarly priced bags. They are slightly smaller than expected, but the 10L was just big enough to pack a light jacket, phone, wallet,  and a few other small items to keep in my 4-wheeler for a camping trip in the mountains. Buy it Now