Your quick guide to a healthy boat

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Hey there, There are few Important things you need to know and do before you take that baby to the waters. People who love to cruise says the happiest day of a man’s life is the day he buys a boat. Am a boat lover and would definitely print a thumb on that. But also important is, every kind of boat, whether yachts, trimarans, fishing boat or the little dinghy, need proper care for it to last long. Regular maintenance helps your boat health and save you money on repairs.

For the regular guy/gal who cares very much about his/her property, I’ll recommend you read this quick tips and basic steps to take from time to time to keep that baby rocking. boat-baotcovers-boatessentails-boat

Below are some easy steps to keep your boat in top shape

  • Your registration. First thing first, makes sure the registration of your boat is still valid. The last thing you wanted is being towed away by the marine police in the middle of a fun trip.
  • The watermaker. if your boat has one, depending on its size, Maintenance of the watermaker can save you lots of money, and health hazard too, if this guy goes out, we are talking drinking sea water which can be very toxic. thats why it needs cleaning at least once a year, which also prevents bacterial fouling.
  • Clean bilge pumps. This small but vital device on your boat needs attention. Cleaning the bilges prevents the pump from jamming and helps detection of new leaks in the vessel. Additionally, it works to prevent bugs and pests from entering the boat


    • The compressors and the coolants. Maintenance of the cooling fins and fans of the Fridge Compressor is crucial. They often gather dust which hinders the performance of the fridge. Cleaning these will improve the output as well as limit the consumption of power
    • Your Plumbing. If you have a bigger boat that has more accessories like shower or toilet. Changing or cleaning the tanks and toilet hoses will prevent bad odor. And keep your cabin foul smelling free.
    • A gel coat or Polish. For the overall appearance, you should spray dry lubricant or silicon spray from top to bottom of the boat, or you can use wax, gel coat or polish to make it shine, and reduces salt residue on the boat.
    •  De-greasing the main sail track on a regular basis improves the performance.
      Inspecting all these elements of your boat carefully before you head out will ensure that baby is in top form and finest performance.
    • Oil change. This might be little engaging depending on the kind of boat you have, but to keep that baby running and healthy for long, you need to change the oils at appropriate intervals
    • Check your Propeller. Before heading out on any trip make sure you check your propeller.
  • Wash that baby.  Yes wash it, It might sound counterintuitive considering it’s going on the waters. But washing your boat takes the salt residues off of it especially after a sea trip. And salt does a lot of damage to your boat more than you know
  • Boat cover. Cover that baby with boat cover when not in use. It’s imperative that it is covered up from gathering dust and rust if left outside. And it helps the boat maintain its luster

boatneeds-boatessentials-boat-boatcoverA healthy boat makes a happy kapitan. Yes!! you strong and mighty sailor. The above tips will keep both you and your boat happy. I’ll recommend you read.

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