10 most important things to have on your boat.

Having a boat is so much fun whether it’s for fishing, sports or pleasure, every boat owner knows safety at sea or on water is very critical and important. So I decide to research and get you the top ten things that are MUST HAVES on your boat, before you head out to sea or that beautiful water line. This are critical to your safety and the healthy performance of your boat

  1. lifejacket-boatessentials-boatneeds-boat• The first and most important thing to have is a Life Jacket and Buoyancy Aids. It is recommended for each and every person on board to wear a life jacket at all times,
  2. A rugged, all-weather protective waterproof dry bag with exterior zip pocket and shoulder boatcovers-boatdrybag-boatessentials-boatneeds-boat-strap. It is spacious enough to hold all your safety gears, clothes as well as valuable possessions along with being easily accessible.
  3. The U.S. Coast Guards suggests for the sailors to have an air horn to airhorn-boatessentials-boatneeds-boatssignal any emergency or problem. These are supposed to be handheld, gas- powered air horns because they can be heard at a greater distance.

4. Sea water is salty. Even if you are on a short trip, you must always keep the CRC SX128 Salt Termsaltterminator-boatneeds-boats-boatsessentialsinator Engine Flush, Cleaner and Corrosion Inhibitor with you. It cleans anything exposed to sea salt and leaves a protective layer preventing rust or corrosion.

5. A liquid and gas fire extinguisher. These are a major requirement for boats boatfireextinguisher-boatneeds-boatessentialswith motors. The Kiddie Mariner 5 is approved by U.S. Coast Guards)

6. Better to keep a navigation aid or GPS tracking system with you.

boatfirstaidkit-boats-boatessentials7. Always keep the First Aid Box with you on the boat. Also, keep any medication for sea sickness. Oh, and of course, the sun blocks!

8. A VHF (Very High-Frequency Radio) to communicate with other marinas, sea crafts, and bridge operators. Other than that you can also have personal locators, flares, cell phones, etc.

9. torchlights. this is necessary in a case of any power failure, etc.

boatflashlight-boatessentials-boatneeds-boatswaterproofcamera-boats-boatessentials-boats10. The eye catches beautiful views of the sea, and sometimes memories are to be captured too, for this purpose you will need a waterproof camera.


Also it will be great to have the following.


• extra clothes with weather in mind.

• A universal waterproof smartphone case or dry bag pouches for cell phones and cameras can come very handy.

• Wireless portable waterproof neckband headphones set is a smart choice, especially for the person driving the boat

• Paddles are also great to have! Paddles are life savers if your engine quits or there is a technical problem.

• Dry/ Waterproof boxes keep your food, electronics, flashlights and other gears from water and dampness.


now, there you have it, whether you ‘re on spring break or having some summer fun at sea, or you’re just fishing in your neighborhood waterline, whatever you do with that beautiful boat of yours, remember the things listed above to keep you and yours safe.